November 29, 2022

The world has come an extended method to embracing robots as a part of the workforce in lots of industries. For instance, the automation trade was the primary to embrace using robots which principally labored alongside human staff. The welding course of is now additionally automated, due to robotic welding. 

Robots are versatile, can be programmed with ease, and require much less onerous tooling. Welding automation has elevated accuracy, decreased a undertaking’s turn-around time, and enhanced security. These are a number of the advantages which have made robotic welding a well-liked welding mode.

Furthermore, welding robots have made the office protected for human staff. It is because they’ve been assigned all the damaging jobs due to their excessive accuracy ranges. Having robotic welding signifies that your manufacturing will enhance high quality regardless of the scale of the order and at reasonably priced costs.

How correct are welding robots?

 When there’s correct coaching, planning and programming. Welding robotic integration offers out instant advantages. The reason being, you’ll have eradicated welding points reminiscent of:

  • Slag entrapment
  • Inconsistent welds
  • Extreme undercut
  • No weld fusion
  • Extreme burn by

How does it work?

When robots are utilized in any course of, they do require amending. That method, they may have the ability to accommodate automation. That is additionally true for welding robots, as they use a number of totally different instruments that you’ll not essentially discover of their guide.

A welding robotic comes with an arm that may transfer in several instructions. For instance, rectilinear varieties can transfer in three totally different dimensions. These robots additionally include extensive fillers, which assist ship filler wired to the robotic. It should ship as a lot filler wire as wanted for a selected welding job.

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The arm’s finish can be a highly-heated torch that melts the steel, thereby enabling the welding course of. Contemplating that the temperature can attain a whole lot of hundreds of levels, one of the simplest ways to go about welding is by utilizing a robotic. That method, work-related accidents are decreased as a result of robots have a 99.9% accuracy degree.

When a welding robotic is working, an authorized human employee will nonetheless have to remain near it. The operator is the one who packages the controller. The operator does this with the assistance of a educate pendant. This pendant will transfer that arm, set packages and alter the processes’ parameters.

Benefits of a welding robotic over a human welder

  1. Top quality: Automation of course of controllers has led to high-quality welding. Human error can be decreased, and human staff not must take care of extra fatigue resulting in poor welding outcomes.
  2. Welding consistency: Automation of the welding course of has ensured excessive adherence to weld procedures. This, in flip, resulted in high-standard assurance stopping rework.
  3. Larger output: Utilizing a welding robotic will increase output. It is because human working hours, undertaking focus and endurance aren’t depended upon.
  4. Labour value discount: Welding robots have the power to carry out the identical duties for lengthy intervals with minimal intervention from people. Furthermore, you gained’t must incur labour prices ensuing from employees turnover, sick depart, time beyond regulation or harm.
  5. Improved security. As earlier talked about, the welding course of includes sizzling molten, and when that is coupled with human error, it may spell doom to your plant. Handbook robots are used with their exceptionally excessive accuracy fee to stop this.
  6. Round the clock operation: Robots don’t want relaxation versus human welders. This implies that you may work 24-hours a day. The attainable result’s an elevated ROI caused by buyer satisfaction.
  7. Consumable value is decreased: When welding is automated, there may be much less waste owing to the robots excessive accuracy ranges.
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Nevertheless, simply as it’s with every little thing, welding robots additionally include their disadvantages. They embrace:

  • The usage of refined welding equipment brings about excessive labour prices.
  • Lack of flexibility: Welding robots are primarily appropriate in industries which have vital repetitive processes. These corporations having tasks with restricted scope might discover it impractical to make use of welding robots.

Processes of robotic welding

There are a number of totally different processes of welding. They embrace:

  • Arc welding: This is among the most typical forms of welding. In arc welding, an electrical arc is used to generate warmth of as much as 6,500°F. This warmth melts the steel advert then the molten steel is used to joint to different joints. As soon as it solidifies and cools, a steady connection could have been made.
  • Resistance welding: That is principally utilized in tasks requiring reasonably priced eat-treating. In resistance welding, electrical energy present melts steel. The molten pool then goes between 2 steel bases, becoming a member of them to one another.
  • Spot welding: There are supplies which can be immune to electrical currents, and that is the place spot welding turns out to be useful. These supplies are extra generally discovered within the automotive trade. In such conditions, resistance welding variations are used to attach skinny steel sheets to 1 spot.
  • TIG welding: If a welding utility requires excessive precision ranges, TIG welding will get the job completed. In TIG welding, an electrical arc passes between a steel base and a tungsten electrode.
  • Plasma welding: That is welding that provides a excessive diploma of flexibility. It is because it permits operators to simply change the temperature and velocity of gasoline that’s passing the nozzles.
  • Laser welding: That is most fitted for tasks involving becoming a member of steel elements in massive volumes. They embrace becoming a member of medical elements or jewelry.
  • MIG welding: That is welding that makes use of excessive deposition ranges. In MIG welding, a wire constantly strikes to the welder’s tip getting liquefied. The liquefied steel drips to the bottom because it joins that base to a different.
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Despite the fact that many different welding processes are utilized in varied industries these days, those listed above are the most typical ones. Having a transparent grasp of the talked about processes gives you an incredible understanding of the welding robotic panorama.


Profitable implementation of a welding robotic requires a deep understanding of all welding processes and calls for automation expertise. After getting that, you will notice that robotic welders will end your work safely and rapidly.